• Secretaría: ANSI
    Responsable de comité:
    Mr Nick Tongson
  • Presidente/a (hasta el final 2024):
    Mr Evanicio Costa
  • Responsable de programa técnico de ISO [TPM]:
    Ms Monica Ibido
    Responsable editorial de ISO [EM]:
    Mrs Yvonne Chen
  • Fecha de creación: 2014


Standardization in the field of airside airport infrastructure, to include grooving of landing and take-off lanes; asphaltic-ecologic-paving; vertical-signaling with painting and electric-electronic boards (painted and lighted signage).

Scope excludes spaceports, which will be handled under ISO/TC 20/SC 14 and ground handling equipment (including fixed equipment such as passenger boarding bridges, docking guidance systems, etc.) which is under ISO/TC 20/SC 9. The scope also excludes air traffic facilities infrastructure and work under IEC/TC 97 (Electrical Installations for Lighting and Beaconing of Aerodromes).

The scope of SC 17 is intended to cover all infrastructure unique to the airport environment, but to exclude infrastructure covered by other ISO and IEC committees, and also to exclude any infrastructure not unique to the airport environment.

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ISO/TC 20/SC 17/WG 1   Infrastructure and equipment for vertiports Grupo de trabajo
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ISO/TC 20/SC 9 Air cargo and ground equipment ISO
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