Analytical chemistry, consulte 71.040
ICS Ámbito
19.020 Test conditions and procedures in general
19.040 Environmental testing
Including testing equipment
19.060 Mechanical testing
Including testing equipment
Mechanical testing of metals, consulte 77.040.10
19.080 Electrical and electronic testing
Including testing equipment
Equipment for measuring electrical and magnetic quantities, consulte 17.220.20
19.100 Non-destructive testing
Including testing equipment: industrial apparatus for X-ray and gamma radiography, penetrant flaw detectors, etc.
Non-destructive testing of welded joints, consulte 25.160.40
Industrial radiographic films, consulte 37.040.25
Non-destructive testing of metals, consulte 77.040.20
19.120 Particle size analysis. Sieving
Including test sieves and porosimetry