Photographic chemicals, consulte 37.040.30
Raw materials for rubber and plastics, consulte 83.040
Paints and varnishes, consulte 87.040
Inks, consulte 87.080
ICS Ámbito
71.100.01 Products of the chemical industry in general
71.100.10 Materials for aluminium production
71.100.20 Gases for industrial application
Including compressed air and hydrogen
Hydrogen technologies, consulte 27.075
Liquefied petroleum gases, consulte 75.160.30
71.100.30 Explosives. Pyrotechnics and fireworks
71.100.35 Chemicals for industrial and domestic disinfection purposes
Medical disinfectants and antiseptics, consulte 11.080.20
71.100.40 Surface active agents
71.100.45 Refrigerants and antifreezes
71.100.50 Wood-protecting chemicals
71.100.55 Silicones
71.100.60 Essential oils
71.100.70 Cosmetics. Toiletries
Cosmetics microbiology, consulte 07.100.40
71.100.80 Chemicals for purification of water
71.100.99 Other products of the chemical industry