ISO/CD 4255
ISO/CD 4255

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This document specifies the conditions for the determination of uniaxial tensile properties of ceramic matrix composite (CMC) tubes with continuous fibre-reinforcement at elevated temperature in air, vacuum or inert gas atmospheres. This document is specific to the tubular geometries because fibre architecture and specimen geometry factors in composite tubes are distinctly different from those in flat specimens. This document provides information on the axial tensile properties and stress-strain response in temperature, such as axial tensile strength, axial tensile strain at failure and elastic constants. The information can be used for material development, control of manufacturing (quality insurance), material comparison, characterization, reliability and design data generation for tubular components. This document addresses, but is not restricted to, various suggested test piece fabrication methods. It applies primarily to all ceramic matrix composite tubes with a continuous fibrous-reinforcement: unidirectional (1D, filament winding and tape lay-up), bidirectional (2D braid and weave) and multi-directional (xD, with x > 2), tested along the tube axis.

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  • ISO/TC 206
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