Approved in September 2021, the London Declaration to combat climate change through standards defines ISO’s commitment to achieve the climate agenda by 2050.

International Standards play a crucial role in underpinning the global economy, creating trust on all aspects of international trade. ISO has a number of standards that are essential in supporting the climate agenda; they help adapt to climate change, quantify greenhouse gas emissions and promote the dissemination of good practices in environmental management. The science is clear: the need for urgent measures to reduce emissions and help adapt to climate change is overwhelming.

Without up-to-date International Standards, industry and other stakeholders will be unable to achieve what is necessary. ISO hereby commits to work with its members, stakeholders and partners to ensure that International Standards and publications accelerate the successful achievement of the Paris Agreement, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations Call for Action on Adaptation and Resilience.

Following the signing of the London Declaration at the ISO General Assembly 2021, ISO will:

  • Foster the active consideration of climate science and associated transitions in the development of all new and revised International Standards and publications
  • Facilitate the involvement of civil society and those most vulnerable to climate change in the development of International Standards and publications
  • Develop and publish an Action Plan and Measurement Framework detailing concrete actions and initiatives and a reporting mechanism to track progress


ISO MEMBERS on board for climate action

Our members are committed to climate action through standards. Find out what the London Declaration means to national standards bodies around the world and how they plan to transform their economies and strengthen their climate change policies.

Chantal  Guay

SCC proudly supports the London Declaration as we build a sustainable future through standardization.

— Chantal Guay 
SCC, ISO member for Canada 

Javier  García

UNE supports the London Declaration to fight climate change with standards.

— Javier García Díaz
UNE, ISO member for Spain 

Scott  Steedman

BSI is proud to have led the development of the London Declaration with ISO. The Declaration will help ensure that climate-friendly standards become the norm across all industries.

— Scott Steedman
BSI, ISO member for the United Kingdom 

Riza  Hasanaj

We at DPS are determined to support and tackle the common challenges of the climate agenda and express particular interest in participating in all activities organized and undertaken by ISO.

— Riza Hasanaj  
DPS, ISO member for Albania 

Urs  Fischer

Together with its national experts, SNV will actively contribute to providing standards that help in the fight against climate change.

— Urs Fischer
SNV, ISO member for Switzerland

Annika  Andreasen

The London Declaration is a clear signal that ISO is raising the level of ambition for climate action. At SIS, climate is already a focus in many areas of our standardization work. It is therefore easy for me to affirm our unequivocal and powerful support for this Declaration.

— Annika Andreasen
SIS, ISO member for Sweden 

Tian  Shihong

SAC is willing to work together with all ISO members in the development of relevant International Standards to combat climate change, promote the effective implementation of the London Declaration, and achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN SDGs.

— Tian Shihong
SAC, ISO member for China

Adem  Şahin

TSE strongly supports the London Declaration. We are in a climate emergency. The implementation of climate-friendly standards prevent the most devastating effects of climate change, and protect the health and well-being of current and future generations.

— Adem Şahin
TSE, ISO member for Turkey

Sanghoon  Lee

KATS reaffirms its commitment to the London Declaration and will provide unwavering support to ISO in its efforts to combat climate change.

— Sanghoon Lee
KATS, ISO member for the Republic of Korea

Arman  Abenov

KAZMEMST proudly supports the London Declaration and believes that, with the help of International Standards, we will be able to make a leap to a cleaner, more sustainable world, as well as create a “green” planet on which harmony between people and the environment will be restored.

— Arman Abenov
KAZMEMST, ISO member for Kazakhstan

Kukuh  S. Achmad

BSN strongly supports the London Declaration as a means to mitigate the impact of climate change. We believe that standards play an important role in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

— Kukuh S. Achmad
BSN, ISO member for Indonesia

Abeer  Barakat Alzhair

JSMO highly supports the London Declaration and is proud to be part of international efforts towards climate action.

— Eng. Abeer Barakat Alzhair 
JSMO, ISO member for Jordan

Jodi  Scholtz

SABS supports the London Declaration in addressing Climate Change through active stakeholder engagements and adoption of international standards to secure a sustainable future.

— Jodi Scholtz 
SABS, ISO member for South Africa

Jens  Heiede

Reducing climate impact is a top priority for Danish Standards and our strategic standardization activities, and we are proud to be leading efforts in ISO in order to reduce, among other things, the huge global climate impact represented by food waste.

— Jens Heiede
DS, ISO member for Denmark 

Derek  Luk Pat

TTBS fully endorses the London Declaration. We stand ready, as part of the international standardization community, to do our part in the fight against global climate change.

— Derek Luk Pat
TTBS, ISO member for Trinidad and Tobago 

Christoph  Winterhalter

On behalf of DIN, I strongly support the London Declaration and declare climate change to be a top priority for all our strategic standardization activities in the future.

— Christoph Winterhalter
DIN, ISO member for Germany 

Jean-Marie  Reiff

The London Declaration is a huge step forward. We have to act now, together, in order to deliver the net-zero future we all need and deserve.

— Jean-Marie Reiff  
ILNAS, ISO member for Luxembourg 

Ruggero  Lensi

UNI strongly supports the London Declaration. We are proud that standardization is not only at the forefront of climate change action, but is expected to be an efficient and pivotal tool to fight one of the greatest challenges the world is now facing.

— Ruggero Lensi
UNI, ISO member for Italy

Mauricio  Céspedes

As the national standards body of Costa Rica, a country that has been a pioneer in fighting climate change, INTECO fully supports the London Declaration.

— Mauricio Céspedes
INTECO, ISO member for Costa Rica

Fernando  Gòmez

We fully subscribe and support the ISO London Declaration. We hereby commit to working within the ISO framework to mitigate, reduce and adapt to climate change. ISO has always been engaged in this area and its commitment should be strengthened in the future to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

— Fernando Gómez
UNIT, ISO member for Uruguay 

Olivier  Peyrat

Celebrating 25 years of existence, ISO 14001 is a vivid illustration of the essential role of voluntary standards for climate action in accelerating the achievement of the goals of the Paris Agreement and the United Nations. As holder of the ISO/TC 323 and ISO/TC 331 secretariats, AFNOR welcomes the London Declaration and will remain committed to these issues.

— Olivier Peyrat
AFNOR, ISO member for France 

Sauw Kook  Choy

Singapore Standards Council supports the London Declaration to combat climate change through internationally agreed standards. This collective endeavour amongst ISO members will help to advance the climate action agenda.

— Choy Sauw Kook
SSC, ISO member for Singapore 

Adina  Hatega

ASRO strongly supports the goals outlined in the London Declaration. We are convinced that standards and standardization can be a real support in building a “green” and sustainable world. It is our mission to contribute.

— Iuliana Chilea
ASRO, ISO member for Romania

Gilad  Golub

The Standards Institution of Israel (SII) strongly supports the London Declaration. We believe that International Standards are the most effective tools for addressing the challenges the world is facing today as they provide a basis for ensuring trust, integrity and cooperation as well as practical tools through innovation.

— Dr Gilad Golub
SII, ISO member for Israel

Valerie  Höllinger

Austrian Standards International is seriously committed to join forces in the fight against climate change. We support the London Declaration and want to contribute to reaching the goals of the climate agenda together with other ISO members.

— Dr. Valerie Höllinger
ASI, ISO member for Austria

Helga  Sigrún Harðardóttir

Not only is the London Declaration a great contribution to combating climate change, it is also an ambitious global initiative to reach the climate agenda.

— Helga Sigrún Harðardóttir
IST, ISO member for Iceland 

Bernard  Njiraini

International cooperation in standards setting is key to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

— Bernard Njiraini
KEBS, ISO member for Kenya  

Sigitas  Šiupšinskas

LST affirms its commitment to continue working with ISO and its members, stakeholders and partners to develop a concrete action plan for fulfilling the London Declaration goals.

— Sigitas Šiupšinskas
LST, ISO member for Lithuania 

Katarína  Surmíková Tatranská

By complying with the parameters set out in International Standards on greenhouse gases (e.g. ISO 14064 series), we will achieve a reduction in global warming and contribute to climate change mitigation.

— Katarína Surmíková Tatranská  
UNMS SR, ISO member for Slovakia

Tatjana  Bojanić

ISS proudly supports the London Declaration and strongly believes that implementation of climate-friendly standards will create the future that our next generations want and deserve.

— Tatjana Bojanić
ISS, ISO member for Serbia

Mitsuo  Matsumoto

JISC is committed to contributing to the climate change agenda through our persistent standardization activities.

— Mitsuo Matsumoto
JISC, ISO member for Japan

Adrian  OConnell

SA proudly supports the London Declaration. A collaborative global approach to the development of International Standards is vital to provide the right solutions at the right time. ISO and its members play a key role in addressing climate-related challenges through mitigation, adaptation, quantification and the exchange of good practices.

— Adrian OConnell
SA, ISO member for Australia

Banjong  Sukreeta

TISI commits to supporting the London Declaration and will make every effort to combat climate change with standards for a more sustainable future.

— Banjong Sukreeta
TISI, ISO member for Thailand

Rik  Van Terwisga

You can’t fight climate change without reaching agreements. Together, all ISO members can achieve so much more than working at the national level alone. Taking leadership and guiding the process to support the development and implementation of solutions that benefit the climate is one of our high priorities. That’s why we fully support the London Declaration.

— Rik van Terwisga
NEN, ISO member for the Netherlands

Eve  Gadzikwa

SAZ commits to working with ISO and its members to ensure International Standards accelerate the achievement of the Paris Agreement, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Call for Action on Adaptation and Resilience. We pledge our support to ISO’s actions and initiatives and will monitor progress made in fulfilling the London Declaration.

— Eve Gadzikwa
SAZ, ISO member for Zimbabwe 

Ricardo  Fragoso

ABNT supports the London Declaration and is highly committed to ensuring International Standards are globally relevant tools for achieving sustainability.

— Ricardo Fragoso
ABNT, ISO member for Brazil

Jacob  Mehus

Standards Norway fully supports the London Declaration. In close collaboration with our stakeholders, we will strengthen the fight against climate change with standards.

— Jacob Mehus
SN, ISO member for Norway

Organizations on board for climate action

Deryck  Omar

CROSQ endorses the ISO London Declaration to include climate science in the development of International Standards. The 15 member states of CARICOM are committed to contributing, adopting and using such International Standards.

— Deryck Omar


COPANT supports the London Declaration and advocates participation of its members in international standardization. For many years, our organization has maintained a focus on environmental management and we are currently working on guidelines for the inclusion of circular economy principles in standards related to agrifood, plastics and construction materials.

— Osvaldo Petroni
President of COPANT

Hiroshi  Asahi

JSA recognizes that Mr. António Guterres of the UN made important remarks on the role of standards to accelerate our Race to Zero.  We strongly support the London Declaration and continue our firm commitment  to develop effective climate-friendly standards.

— Hiroshi Asahi

Giovanni  Collot

The London Declaration is a clear demonstration of the ambitions of the European and international standardization community in the fight against climate change. CEN and CENELEC are happy to do their part and contribute to a net-zero future.

— Stefano Calzolari, Wolfgang Niedziella,
President of CEN, President of CENELEC