ISO/TS 15230-2
ISO/TS 15230-2


This Technical Specification describes a coupling-force-dependent weighting of the r.m.s. value to the frequency-weighted acceleration ahw. The procedure only applies to normal gripping situations (embracing a handle). If only part surfaces of the hand are exposed to vibration, the procedure is not applicable. The evaluation methods defined in this Technical Specification are intended to enable research and should not be used when considering legal duties related to the protection of workers from hand-arm vibration risk in the workplace and the declaration of vibration emissions from machinery. This Technical Specification provides guidance on an additional procedure to that defined in ISO 5349-1 for measuring and reporting hand-transmitted vibration exposures by taking into account the coupling force exerted on the vibrating surface. This Technical Specification is intended to facilitate future research on hand-arm vibration risks. It should be used to supplement the data given by the ISO 5349-1 methodology. This Technical Specification should not be used as an alternative to ISO 5349-1. The data derived from this Technical Specification should not be used instead of ISO 5349-1 data to perform tasks in accordance with national regulations, guidelines or recommendations for workplace vibration or machinery vibration emissions. The methodology defined in this Technical Report is based only on biomechanical relationships between vibration transmission to the hand-arm system as a function of total forces. The influence of contact force and pressure on the surface of the hand remains unconsidered and requires further research.

Informations générales 

  •  :  Projet
     : 2023-01
  •  : 1
  •  : ISO/TC 108/SC 4 Exposition des individus aux vibrations et chocs mécaniques
  •  :
    13.160 Vibrations, chocs et leurs effets sur l'homme

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