ISO/IEC WD TS 24358.2
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ISO/IEC WD TS 24358.2
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ISO/IEC WD TS 24358.2
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This document establishes requirements and recommendations for face-aware systems, which: - capture images automatically and semi-automatically, - capture (output) images that target application specific quality related requirements, - support the capture of face images that are suitable for automated face recognition, - support the capture of images suitable for human examination and comparison, - add requirements on real-time capture feedback on image quality, - establish requirements on image handling post capture. The technical specification also describes typical application profiles that contain specific requirements and recommendations. The following are excluded from scope: - ICAO Portrait Quality requirements, - ISO/IEC Biometric data format requirements, - particular form factor, - constrain mechanisms for capturing frontal photographs from persons. The technical specification excludes requirements regarding conformity that cannot be tested in a mature way even if ISO/IEC 19794-5 [ISO19794-5-2005] [ISO19794-5-2011] and ISO/IEC 39794-5 specify.

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