ISO 2883:1980
Caoutchouc vulcanisé — Produits anti- électrostatiques et conducteurs à usage industriel — Limites pour la résistance électrique
Numéro de référence
ISO 2883:1980
Edition 1
ISO 2883:1980
Annulée (Edition 1, 1980)


These limits are generally appropriate for the products listed. If, however, an International Standard has been issued for an individual product, the method specified there shall be used. Does not apply to articles whose surfaces are composed of mixtures of insulating and conducting areas or articles with substantial surface area of insulating material. A defined system of electrodes is used for the test. The system is suited to factory inspection or service testing.

Informations générales

  •  : Annulée
     : 1980-08
    : Annulation de la Norme internationale [95.99]
  •  : 1
     : 2
  • ISO/TC 45/SC 2
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