ISO 13315-1:2024
ISO 13315-1:2024
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This document provides a framework and basic rules on environmental management related to concrete and concrete structures. This includes the assessment of the environmental impacts and methods of implementing environmental improvement based on the assessment.

This document is used for the environmental consideration in activities related to the production of concrete constituents, the production, recycling and disposal of concrete, and the design, execution, use and demolition of concrete structures. It is applied for their entire lifecycles, respective stages of the lifecycles, or certain ranges of the lifecycles. This document is applicable to newly produced concrete and newly constructed concrete structures, and also existing concrete and concrete structures.

This document applies to single concretes, concrete families, single concrete structures, and concrete structure complexes. For materials other than concrete, the related ISO standards are applied where available. In the case where no ISO standard is available, such materials are appropriately dealt with referring to this document and the normative references.

This document covers global, regional and local environments. This document does not directly deal with the environmental impacts resulting from the operation of equipment installed in concrete structures. However, the special properties of concrete and concrete structures affecting the operational efficiency of such equipment are considered in this document.

This document covers secondary effects of the production of concrete and execution of concrete structures.

NOTE          The secondary effects of the production of concrete include the future possibility of leaching of heavy metals from concrete or the absorption of heavy metals from the environment, the effect of waste treatments on the environment, etc.

This document covers the economic and social effects of environmental consideration in the production of concrete and execution of concrete structures.


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