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The Haiti Bureau of Standards (BHN by its French acronym) is a public body overseen by the Ministry for Trade and Industry established in December 2012.

BHN's mission is to organize and manage activities related to standardization, certification, industrial metrology, promotion of quality and to provide technical support for all efforts undertaken in pursuit of these objectives.

The Haiti Bureau of Standards' vision is to play its role in the quality infrastructure system supporting economic, social and environmental development of Haiti through the promotion of standardization, certification, metrology and support for economic operators in their efforts to progress.

The Haiti Bureau of Standards is headed by a Director General. To carry out its activities it is composed of an Administrative and Financial Department and technical divisions: Standardization Division, Certification Division, Industrial Metrology Division, Information and Training Division, which are in charge of carrying out technical activities.

BHN is a member of the following organizations: CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality (CROSQ), Pan American Standards Commission (COPANT), Association Réseau Normalisation et Francophonie (RNF). Haiti is also a member of the Codex Alimentarius Commission and the Inter-American Metrology System (SIM). The country joined the IEC Affiliate Counrty Programme and signed agreements with the American Society foTesting and Materials (ASTM) and The Dominican Institute for Quality (INDOCAL)

Bureau Haïtien de Normalisation

Ministère du Commerce et de l'Industrie
8, Rue Légitime, Champ de Mars

Tel: +509 22289492 / +509 22305804 / +509 28103639

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