International standards community unites to address pressing global challenges at ISO Annual Meeting 2023

A record-breaking 8 000 participants from 148 countries are expected to take part in the ISO Annual Meeting 2023, which is being hosted by Standards Australia.

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Brisbane, Australia – 18 September 2023

True to the ISO mission of collaboration, innovation and representation, the ISO Annual Meeting 2023 will explore ways to tackle global challenges from a diverse yet united front. From artificial intelligence and the metaverse, to cybersecurity and climate action, pioneering voices from all over the world will explore the themes that are transforming our daily lives and seek out the standards solutions that will benefit us all.

The world’s top leaders from standards, business and civil society will come together over the next five days to discuss some of the most pressing issues of our interconnected world, and how International Standards can contribute to “meeting global needs” – this year’s event theme.

Uniting for action in an uncertain world

“The challenges we face are not limited to any one nation or region,” said ISO President Ulrika Francke in today’s opening address. “Most pressing among these shared concerns is, undoubtedly, the climate. We live in a time of uncertainty. People are asking themselves: ‘what can we do?’.”

Happening in conjunction with New York Climate Week and the UN General Assembly, this year’s ISO Annual Meeting is a unique opportunity to answer this and other timely questions by building partnerships for transformative change – across all borders.

“The challenges we face are not limited to any one nation or region.” 

“We know that it is only by seeking the widest range of viewpoints, by listening to the ideas and expertise of others, that we can achieve meaningful progress,” added the ISO President. “Our future success relies not only on our ability to work together and to partner effectively, but also to continue to innovate.”

Hosted for the first time in Brisbane, the ISO Annual Meeting is the largest international gathering of its kind – this year bringing together more participants than ever before.

“It’s a tremendous honour for our country to host thousands of influential leaders, thinkers and change makers from around the world, at a time when collaboration is so critical to human development and success,” said Standards Australia CEO Adrian O’Connell. “With such a strong uptake from around the world, in person and online, it’s clear that ISO is a powerful engine for change – and we’re thrilled to be part of it.”

“It’s a tremendous honour for our country to host thousands of influential leaders, thinkers and change makers from around the world.” 

Sharing passion and inspiring change

Some of the highlights of the more than 20 thematic sessions include:

  • Cybersecurity: Taking a proactive approach
  • Ready or not, here comes AI
  • Overcoming barriers to reducing food loss and waste
  • Hydrogen: Fuel of the future?
  • One size does not fit all: Making standards that work for everyone
  • From pollution to solution: Tackling the plastics crisis
  • Technology convergence: An era of digital opportunities

Among the unmissable speakers bringing these conversations to life, the digital visionary and futurist Radia Funna will explore the metaverse; Dr Kobi Leins of King’s College London will contribute her unique insights on artificial intelligence; the Honourable Crossley Tatui, government minister for the small Pacific island nation of Niue, will share his passionate vision for climate action; and the former Vice-President of Costa Rica, Epsy Campbell Barr, will highlight the vital importance of tackling corruption.

The event continues until 22 September. To take part, register now for our livestreamed sessions and follow our coverage on

The official ISO Annual Meeting 2023 hashtag is #ISOannualmeeting. Keep up with every session and contribute to the global discussion by following our posts.


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