Transport, смотри 03.220
Postal services, смотри 03.240
ICS Поле
03.080.01 Services in general
03.080.10 Maintenance services. Facilities management
Including cleaning and pest control
Sterilization and desinfection in health care, смотри 11.080
03.080.20 Services for companies
Including publicity, advertising, professional services, recruitment services, management consultancy, outsourcing, etc.
Outsourcing as part of a company organization, смотри 03.100.01
Staff training and staff certification, смотри 03.100.30
03.080.30 Services for consumers
Including hotels, restaurants, washing, cleaning, removals, funerals, real estate, vehicle repair and servicing, furniture removals, services for elderly, sheltered housing services for elderly, sheltered housing, etc.
Transport services and costs, смотри 03.220
Services for dementia care, assisted living, смотри 11.020.10
Consumer information, смотри 97.020
03.080.99 Other services