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Building professionalism and breaking into the global food supply chain is the key ambition of the ISO International Workshop Agreement (IWA 29), Professional farmer organizations.

Use of this ISO deliverable will help to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers through increased opportunities for trade, improved supplier relationships and greater customer satisfaction.

Learn more about how with this free webinar, co-organized by ISO and NENopen to all.

This 90-minute webinar will cover:

  • An overview of different types of ISO deliverables 
  • The processes of adopting ISO deliverables using ISO/IEC Guide 21 
  • What an IWA is, and how to use it effectively 
  • What IWA 29, Professional farmer organizations is about 
  • Experiences of countries who are using the document 


You will also hear the perspective of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) on how this document can effectively build the professionalism of smallholder farmer organizations in emerging markets.

This event will be useful primarily to ISO members in developing countries and their stakeholders, including relevant government ministries (Ministries of Agriculture, Ministries of Environment, Ministries of Trade), farm cooperatives, farmer associations, farmer unions, private holdings, conformity assessment and certification bodies and micro, small and medium enterprises involved in the sector.


  • When

  • Where
    Virtual workshop

  • Language

    English with simultaneous interpretation into French and Spanish

  • who
    Open to all


IWA 29:2019
Professional farmer organization — Guidelines
ISO/IEC Guide 21-1:2005
Regional or national adoption of International Standards and other International Deliverables
Part 1: Adoption of International Standards
ISO/IEC Guide 21-2:2005
Regional or national adoption of International Standards and other International Deliverables
Part 2: Adoption of International Deliverables other than International Standards


Time agenda item Timing
16:00 Welcome and overview

10 minutes

16:10 International Workshop Agreements (IWAs) & adopting ISO deliverables

15 minutes

16:25 IWA 29 Professional farmer organizations (ICTE) 15 minutes
16:40 The International Finance Corporation (IFC) perspective 15 minutes
16:55 Peru's experience with IWA 29 15 minutes
17:10 Honduras' experience with IWA 29 15 minutes
17:25 Q&A 5 minutes
17:30 Close  


Gloria Castillo
Gloria Castillo
Specialist, Standardization Directorate
Instituto Nacional de Calidad (INACAL)
Sabrina Amburgey
Sabrina Amburgey
Vice President of Strategic Growth & Partnerships
José Alcorta
José Alcorta
Head of Standards Development
Fernando Garcia Merino
Fernando Garcia Merino
Asociación Nacional De Industriales (ANDI)
Dieter Fischer
Dieter Fischer
Lead for Agribusiness Advisory Services in Latin America and the Caribbean
International Finance Corporation
Francesco Dadaglio
Francesco Dadaglio
Programme Manager