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What is ISO 53002?

ISO 53002 are guidelines for organizations to align their operations and strategies with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It has been developed in partnership with the UNDP to help organizations systematically manage their impact on sustainable development across various operational aspects.

Why is ISO 53002 important?

Those guidelines are vital for promoting a holistic approach to sustainable development, enabling organizations to contribute positively to the SDGs. They provide a structured framework to maximize positive impacts and minimize negatives, particularly for vulnerable groups, ensuring a balanced approach to economic, social, and environmental sustainability.


  • Aligns organizational strategies with global sustainability goals
  •  Enhances stakeholder engagement and societal contribution
  •  Improves sustainability reporting and transparency
  •  Supports risk management related to sustainability issues


Organizations across all sectors seeking to integrate SDG-related strategies into their operations.

It works alongside existing frameworks to provide a focused approach to achieving SDGs.

Its emphasis on the SDGs and the comprehensive guidance it offers for their implementation at an organizational level.

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