Under the ISO sustainability programme, we value and encourage gender diversity across the ISO system.

Gender equality means that everyone enjoys the same rights and opportunities. In 2022, ISO launched its second ISO Gender Action Plan (2022-2025) defining five priority outcomes critical for advancing gender equality in standardization.

It will involve:

  • Data collection and analyses 
  • Balanced participation and representation in the technical work 
  • Gender-responsive deliverables 
  • Gender equality within the ISO system 
  • Contribution of ISO/CS towards supporting gender within the ISO system
  • Capacity building for members on gender in standardization

This comes after the successful completion of the first Action Plan (2019-2021) that set out initiatives and established ambitious goals towards supporting gender equality in standardization.

We are committed to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 ( SDG 5) as a precondition to gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. To demonstrate our commitment, we signed the UNECE’s Declaration on Gender Responsive Standards to support a more gender-balanced and inclusive standards development process and ensure standards that are truly gender-responsive.

Gender equality by numbers 

Check out the global data on topics related to gender representation in standards development.
ISO’s Gender Action Plan supports the advancement of inclusivity and diversity contained in the ISO Strategy 2030

Our members actively participate in the Plan’s successful implementation through the Gender Focal Point Network. This forum facilitates knowledge sharing and best-practice exchange among all our national standards bodies around the world. 

ISO member gender action plans 

Find Action Plans from other ISO members to see what they are doing towards SDG 5 and how you can contribute! 

NSB Country Original Doc Other language Doc
BIS India

Gender Action Initiatives 



Diversity & Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan  



South Africa

Gender Responsive Standards Framework 

RSB Rwanda

Gender Action Plan 2020-2022 

SCC Canada

Gender and Standardization Strategy 2019-2025 

Stratégie de normalisation adaptée aux genres 2019-2021 (Français) 

BSMD Bahrain

Equal Opportunities Plan (English) 

Equal Opportunities Plan (Arabic) 

ICONTEC Colombia

Gender Action Plan  

PSI Palestine

Executive Plan 2020-2021 (English)  

Executive Plan 2020-2021 (Arabic) 

SA Australia

DRAFT Diversity Action Plan 

SIS Sweden

SIS Strategy on Gender Responsive Standards 


Standardization Gender Action Plan 


Standards that support SDG 5

ISO and its members are working hard to contribute to SDG 5 and women’s empowerment. Here, you can find ISO standards and national standards that support SDG 5. This list is continually being updated. 

NSB country Standard title further information
INDOCAL Dominican Republic


Management system for gender equality
Sistema de gestión para la igualdad de género

Presentation on NORDOM 775

INN Chile

NCh 3262 

Management system for gender equality and reconciliation of work, family and personal life in organizations
Sistema de gestión de igualdad de género y conciliación de la vida laboral, familiar y personal en las organizaciones 

Guía implementación nch 3262 (energia.gob.cl) 

IST Iceland IST 85 The equal pay standard

Guidelines on IST 85 

SABS South Africa

SANS 511:2011 

Women’s workwear 

Handbook for PPE For WIM 

SABS South Africa

SANS 1812 

Manufacture of washable, reusable sanitary towels 

Covers the requirements and test methods for washable, reusable sanitary towels for external use. Made from fabric, four sizes with different absorbency volume. 

SABS South Africa

SANS 434 

General protective clothing 

Workwear during pregnancy is specialized and made to measurements when required. 

BIS India

IS 16994

Footwear for men and women for municipal scavenging work

BSI United Kingdom

BS 76005

Valuing people through diversity and inclusion – Code of practice for organizations 

INTECO Costa Rica

INTE G38:2015

Management system for gender equality in the workplace
Sistema de gestión para la igualdad de género en el ámbito laboral. Requisitos 

Presentation on INTE G38 (Spanish)

SCC Canada

CSA Standards B701-17

Carer-inclusive and accommodating organizations 

Guide: Carer-friendly workplace standard (English) 

Guide: Carer-friendly workplace standard (French) 

OSN El Salvador

NTS 03-116-01:2021

Gender equality management system
Sistema de gestión de igualdad de género 

Presentation on NTS (Spanish)

ABNT Brazil

ABNT NBR 16001

Social responsibility  Management systems  Requirements 


NB 11008:2018

Management system for gender equality in the workplace 
Sistemas de gestion para la igualdad de género en el ámbito laboral – Requisitos 


DGN Mexico


Labour equality and non-discrimination
Igualdad laboral y no discriminación 

NMX R 025 SCFI 2015 on labour equality and non-discrimination | National Institute of Women  

DS Denmark  

Equal rights and diversity standard (publication expected spring 2022) 


ISO standards

Standard title List on iso.org

ISO 26000

Guidance on social responsibility

ISO 26000 – Social responsibility

ISO 30500 

Non-sewered sanitation systems – Prefabricated integrated treatment units – General safety and performance requirements for design and testing 

ISO 30500:2018 – Non-sewered sanitation systems 

ISO 25551

Ageing societies – General requirements and guidelines for an age-inclusive workforce

ISO 25551 – Ageing societies 

ISO 18091

Quality management systems – Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001 in local government 

ISO 18091:2019 – Quality management systems 

IWA 34 

Women’s entrepreneurship – Key definitions and general criteria 

IWA 34:2021 – Women’s entrepreneurship 

ISO 30415 

Human resource management – Diversity and inclusion

ISO 30415:2021 – HR management – Diversity and inclusion 




ISO/PC 337 

Guidelines for the promotion and implementation of gender equality 

ISO/PC 337 – Guidelines for gender equality 

News and Materials  

Here, you can access materials to help share the importance of SDG 5 and standards.  


More materials for ISO members (only) is available here: ISO Connect                 

Video in Spanish

Communication Platform for Standardization

A community where stakeholders gather and discuss.

JISC | Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (Japan)


Recruitment of committee members

How we recruite new members to our standardization committees in Denmark.

DS | Danish Standards (Denmark)


The Commonwealth Standards Network

NSB capacity building to support the transition to an inclusive, sustainable and resilient world.

BSI | British Standards Institution (United Kingdom)


Inclusion and diversity

No discrimination anywhere.

ICONTEC | Instituto Colombiano de Normas Técnicas y Certificación (Colombia)


Anti-personnel mine standards

ICONTEC | Instituto Colombiano de Normas Técnicas y Certificación (Colombia)


Meeting customer demands in Japan

Translation of ISO standards.

JISC | Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (Japan)


Implementation and awareness of Occupational health and safety management systems

This initiative delivered an important information about OHS ISO standard to workers in the organisations specially that this ISO standard was translated in Arabic language which made it easier for workers to apply it and made it easier for governmental parties to promote it

JSMO | Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization (JSMO) (Jordan)


Capture future opportunities for international standardization

To develop Diversity Action Plan.

SA | Standards Australia (Australia)


Innovative standards solutions

Standards Australia partners with other ISO members to support emerging National Standards Bodies.

SA | Standards Australia (Australia)


Strengthening inclusivity

Initiatives by SABS on gender equality.

SABS | South African Bureau of Standards (South Africa)


Advance Inclusivity and Diversity in the ISO System

The initiative includes capturing quantitative feedback to inform decision making and working with software developers to modernise the use of standards content.

SA | Standards Australia (Australia)