ISO/AWI 13297-1
Small craft — Alternating and direct current installations of electrical systems — Part 1: Low voltage
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ISO/AWI 13297-1
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ISO/AWI 13297-1
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Текущее издание: ISO 13297:2020


This document specifies the requirements for the design, construction and installation of the following types of DC and AC electrical systems, installed on small craft either individually or in combination:

a) extra-low-voltage direct current (DC) electrical systems that operate at nominal potentials of 50 V DC or less;

b) single-phase alternating current (AC) systems that operate at a nominal voltage not exceeding AC 250 V.

This document does not cover the following:

— electrical propulsion systems of direct current less than 1 500 V DC, single-phase alternating current up to 1 000 V AC, and three-phase alternating current up to 1 000 V AC, which are addressed by ISO 16315;

— any conductor that is part of an outboard engine assembly and that does not extend beyond the outboard engine manufacturers supplied cowling;

— three-phase AC installations that operate at a nominal voltage not exceeding 500 V AC, which are addressed by IEC 60092-507.

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