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Delivering fast and effective solutions during the pandemic.

When COVID-19 struck, many ISO members rose to the challenge of delivering rapid solutions to contribute to the pandemic response. These stories of flexibility and innovation can inspire the standards community with actions we can take beyond the crisis to become more agile and deliver faster, so that we meet market needs without compromising quality.

In this session, you will learn how some ISO members were able to react swiftly and creatively with new products or processes that responded to the urgent needs of the pandemic. Then, join us for an active discussion where you can share your own experiences as we dive deeper into the challenges, opportunities and lessons learnt.

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Lena Dargham, General Director 
Chairperson ISO/DEVCO



Olivier Peyrat, General Director

When the world run out of masks in the middle of the pandemic AFNOR reacted swiftly, coming out with a face mask specification (AFNOR Spec S76-001) in record time. The initiative was recognized internationally as more and more countries followed suit, leading to the development of a European document (CWA 17553:2020) for face masks.

BOBS Keeper Morgan, Acting Managing Director

When people desperately looked on empty shelves for hand sanitizers, BOBS developed a standard for alcohol-based hand sanitizer to increase supply. The standard was freely offered to SMEs who also benefited from free testing. The demand was overwhelming.


Yanira Colindres, CEO

When Covid-19 struck, El Salvador’s tourism industry was paralyzed. OSN partnered up with the Tourism ministry to develop biosecurity standards in record time. Today they are working on a certification system based on these standards.  

China Jiliang University, China

Prof. Mingshun Song, President

When you are surrounded by millions of people, how do you know who is at risk of spreading Covid-19?  The Chinese city of Hangzhou came up with an innovative app. It generates a QR code that marks the safety of an individual like a traffic light system (red, yellow or green). A standard was needed to ensure effectiveness and data protection.


Lena Dargham
Lena Dargham
Yanira Colindres
Yanira Colindres
Organismo Salvadoreño de Normalización
Mingshun Song
Prof. Mingshun Song
China Jiliang University
Keeper Morgan
Keeper Morgan
Acting Managing Director
Botswana Bureau of Standards
Olivier Peyrat
Olivier Peyrat
General Director
Association française de normalisation


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Rachel Miller
Rachel Miller
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