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End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

ISO has over 1 600 standards for the food production sector designed to create confidence in food products, improve agricultural methods and promote sustainable and ethical purchasing.

They also cover a number of other areas including nutritional and safety testing, quality, packaging, and traceability.

Focusing specifically on the food sector, the ISO 22000 family of standards on food safety management helps organizations identify and control food safety hazards, while related standards such as ISO 26000 (social responsibility) and ISO 20400 (sustainable procurement) encourage socially responsible behaviour and ethical working conditions for agricultural workers and promote ethical purchasing practices throughout the entire food production chain.

Currently in development, the ISO 34101 series of standards on sustainable and traceable cocoa beans will specify requirements for a management system in cocoa bean farming. It provides a set of guidelines for environmentally sound agricultural practices, the enhanced traceability of cocoa beans and for improving the social conditions and livelihoods of cocoa producers.

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